As previously stated, it is my belief that the brewery burger is indeed the best burger money can buy due to these three facts:

#1: They taste great! The beef is fat, the steak is juicy, the bacon is tender, the chicken is crisp, the egg doesn’t fall out, the bun covers the contents. What more could you want!?

#2: They are huge, most “Gourmet burger” joints these days give you burgers the size of a big mac. Brewery burgers are as big as the plate, and come with an equally impressive serve of beer battered fries. And this is for roughly the same price as a much smaller burger and fries from typical burger joints (around $18-$25 depending on what you want)

#3: They almost always come with a deal in the form of a cheaper beer.

So without further ado I give you my list of the top 5 burgers in Western Australia (subject to change).

#1: Bootleg Breweries Giant Bootleg Sirloin Burger ($24, +$2 for bacon & $1 for egg)

Sirloin Steak, BBQ braised onions, Swiss Cheese, Roast Capsicum, Fresh Salad, Bacon, Egg, Bootlegs BBQ sauce in Turkish bread

Now I bought this rather hesitantly over a chicken parmi due to the fact that it has beetroot, and dark ale inspired BBQ sauce. These are two ingredients I usually steer clear of, but in this case I just decided to give it a shot. Not only was I happy with it, it was amazing. The Bootleg BBQ sauce was so good infact that I bought a bottle to take home. Even the beetroot added a well rounded, delightfully fresh flavour that is hard to come by with burgers these days. The grilled steak wasn’t dry, the Braised onions weren’t soggy, everything was just perfect. Every single ingredient in this burger is better than anything I’ve experienced in my travels.

This burger is a must try for all food lovers who venture to Perth, I am yet to find a better burger anywhere in the world.

#2: Mash (Swan Valley) Breweries Black Angus Rump Steak Sandwich ($24)

Black Angus Steak, Ale braised Onions, Cider Chutney, Bacon, Capel Valley Cheddar, Dill Pickles, Rocket, Mustard Aioli

My friends and I did a Swan Valley brewery tour mid 2010. we had to decide between Elmars in the Valley & Mash brewery for our lunch stopover, Despite amazing German meat at Elmars we chose Mash, as it was closer and we were staving! This proved to be a good idea, 7 out of 15 of us got the Angus Sandwich, 7 of us were very impressed. Mash brewery knows how to use its best asset (beer) to its advantage when cooking. The steak was cooked in Amber Ale, the onions in Pale ale, the chutney made with pear cider, and the Fries in Pale Ale. Top it off with Mash Brewerys Amber Ale and you have a Beer /Food combo that has never come together so well. If you want a great burger without travelling to down south, Mash brewery is the place to go. I have however been told Rockingham & Bunbury Mash don’t have the same quality, and will test this claim soon.

#3: Feral Breweries Hop Hog Burger ($24)

Beef & Pork Pattie, Chutney, Margaret River Cheddar, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato

Feral brewery is on the forefront of the battle against Metrosexuality influencing beer. Their “Harden the F**k up” attitude towards beer is also evident in their cooking. In simple terms Feral make a burger any man would want. An enormous pattie, made from 3 of mans best mates (beef, pork and beer), plenty of Bacon, cheese and a pinch of salad. This is a recipe that will kick the most staunch metrosexual into drinking Ferals famous “drink some concrete & harden up” Hop Hog beer – which is a great (and manly) accomplice to the man of all burgers.

#4: Indian Ocean Breweries Famous Indi Burger ($19.50)

Beef Pattie, Onions, Pancetta, Brie, pickle, Sundried Tomato, rocket, tomato chutney

Cheap, Original, Quality… These are the first 3 words that pop into mind after trying the ‘Indi’ burger. The truly gourmet fillings of the burger create a new, unexperienced taste. Thing thing is, where every other burger maker uses the more traditional cheddar or swiss cheese, and relies on the pattie and sauce for the main flavour, Indi brewery have decided the cheese can be a major weapon of taste. The brie they use (I believe it is Margaret River black label) is a strong, soft cheese which melts well into the beef pattie creating a completely different and – despite the lack of sauce – big flavour that leaves you drooling over every bite. I enjoyed this burger so much that I completely forgot about the beer sitting next to me getting progressively warmer. And despite the low price this was just as big as the rest of its heftier counterparts.

#5: Last Drop (Canning Vale) Breweries Cheese Burger ($21.50)

Beef Pattie, bacon, cheddar & swiss cheese, gherkin, tomato, caramelised onion, Mesculin, Aioli

The only cheeseburger I’ve seen on a brewery menu did not fail to impress. Unlike MacDonalds they actually use real cheese, yes REAL cheese! The mixture of swiss cheese, gherkin & Mesculin in particular creates a fantastic antipasto flavoured burger That you cant get from steak or beef burgers. The pattie is still decent in proportions, the cheese is piled on and the don’t come short with the fancy stuff either. Aioli was an interesting choice for sauce but it did work well in the end.

Other Noteworthies:

Last Drop (Canning Vale) Breweries Steak Sandwich

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