I’ve never tasted it, and never plan to.. so why write about Budweiser? This is more of a social review, the impact of an American beer on an ever blurring culture.

SInce the 1970s Australia has rapidly been losing its national identity through an influx of American culture. MacDonalds, KFC & Gloria Jeans have crippled our local cafes & diners. American companies have bought out some of our most treasured icons – Arnots (the creator of Tim Tams) and Kraft (the genius’ behind Vegemite)! And fashion trends have made ugg boots, plain shirts and trackies frowned upon to wear outside the house.

Australia is now a world of High Rises, high heels and high expectations… pretty much America v2

There is one shining beacon of Australia left; beer. Australian beer has kept a tough stance and continued to push forward successfully against the influx of American influence. Even international heavyweights such as Corona and Heineken haven’t been able to slow the Australian brewing industries progress.

The companies spearheading this revolt (Hahn, Fosters, Carlton, Tooheys) as well as the microbreweries of the nation have – for the best part of – been against brewing American style lagers & Ales. But now, in the 21st century, our final front is being threatened by an ominous enemy. Budweiser has arrived.

At $6.50 a bottle from pubs its on the lower end of the spectrum, down with the likes of Tooheys Extra Dry & Carlton Draught. By doing this Australian pubs are backstabbing the local and national breweries that have supplied them for decades. The worst offenders however are the consumers. The ugly truth is, many “proud” Australians at the moment prefer to buy a 335mL bottle of bud than go for a pint of Draught for just 50c more, this is just sickening. Demand creates supply and unfortunately there is alot of demand right now. The most ironic part of it is this: budweiser mostly attracts the dropkick bogans of Australia.. you know the ones with Aussie flag tatts and “F**k off we’re full” stickers.. maybe they should apply that logic to Budweiser instead.

Is this the end of Australian beer? I would have to say no, hopefully this influx is just a stage, its something new so people are flocking to, when they realise what they are doing (or how tremendously bad it tastes) they will convert back to the Aussie brews and we will never see our least favourite bud on this proud land again… thats the hope anyway.

We are taking a trip up to wedge island soon, I have told my friends if they buy budweiser they can drive themselves up (this way their bud will be destroyed going over the 4×4 tracks up there) and if they make it its not going in my esky. Budweiser has no place in Australia, and it never will