With the modern age we have seen pubs, taverns, bars sprout up in to all kind of different joints. From the loud and sleazy to the quiet & formal. And everything in between. I guess the first and only factor in (the owner) deciding what he wants with his bar is demographics. In the end you have to create something your target audience will enjoy. This is leading to many pubs deciding to turn up the club-style music, mix cocktails & add dance floors to would-be seating space. Why? because young people are a big, impressionable & easy market.

For example. A typical 18 year old girl walks into a bar, a little tipsy from pre-drinks. The first thing she notices is the blaring music, enticing her to head to the dance floor. After dancing to her favourite club beats she is thirsty, and lets face it, a good proportion of girls will not settle for good ol’ beer, they need cocktails. This brings me to another interesting point. Could it be that girls are becoming the target of pubs? Statistically speaking, much more guys will come to the pub for a few beers, whereas a girl would prefer go to the club. In a mixed group of guys & girls more often than not it will be the girls begging to get the the clubs on a friday night. If the pubs can keep the girls happy, they’re profits would go through the roof! Not only do you have guys buying countless amounts of beer, you now have the girls investing in much more expensive cocktails to! Before you get offended anyone, this is of course a generalist view point.

Is this really what a pub is? can we still call it a pub? These hybrid pub/clubs are certainly an age away from outback pubs; which usually represent a much more traditional way of drinking beer. Now, think about these two points..

A Pub: A place to go to relax with a few beers, have a chat with mates, bet if theres a TAB, enjoy some decent food if your hungry.

A Club: A place to let loose on the D-floor, meet/pick up new people, drink a lot.

Clearly these two can’t combine effectively, one will always outweigh the other. You can’t have a good chat if the music is so loud you can only communicate via hand signals. And good luck eating a burger on a dance floor. Hybrid pub/clubs seem to end up being pubs 5 days of the week, before transforming into “pre-clubs” (clubs you go to before going to proper clubs) on the weekend, they can never find the middle ground.

Being a guy, I know I would much prefer a place like my local – the Carine Tavern. A lot of people bag it due to the fact its quiet, nothing much happens.. but in the end isn’t that what you want in a pub? somewhere simple, somewhere you can chat over a decently priced beer without too many distractions. And of course, somewhere close! Its good to know that some local pubs still know what it takes to be a proper pub. In the end the outcome of a pub relies on the owners greed. to they want to chase the money & turn into a club. Or do they want a proper, working pub – the religion of men for centuries.