Inner city & suburban pubs mostly have a long tap-line of quality beer. Whether it be James Squire, Little Creatures or mid-higher class imports I would be willing to put money on the fact that EVERY pub in Perth has at least one quality beer on tap. Its definitely a good thing. And for sure, EVERY pub in Perth has mid range beers – Hahn, Redback, Becks etc. You just cant have a pub without it right?

Apparently you can…

The most famed & photographed pub in Western Australia is Ettamogah Pub. Its a fair drive – around two hours East of Perth in Cunderdin – but many thousands of tourists and West Aussies make the trek out every year. The first thing you notice when you get there is how well maintained it is for a rural pub. The wood is still varnished, the red struts are still bright red, and the ‘Ettamogah’ sign still looks as if it were installed yesterday. The outside benches aren’t rotting, the inside looks and smells very clean. Ettimogah is the only well maintain rural pub I have been to so far! So with such fame, and with the money it clearly has to maintain the building, surely they would offer world class beer right? wrong..!

We walked inside, a little after 10am on boxing day. There were a few early birds, presumably locals coming to watch the cricket, but it was still quiet. I went up to the front bar to have a look at whats on tap.. Carlton Draught, Carlton Mid, Swan Draught, Swan Gold, Tooheys Extra Dry, Hahn Light. I thought to myself surely the side bar has a finer choice, which would make sense seeing as it was in the restaurant section, I was in for more bad news.. 6 more taps of the exact same beer. This led me to the realisation that we had driven two hours into the middle of nowhere… to drink low quality, mass produced beer. Now I’m not saying I don’t like it, draught beer is great out of the tap! But when you have to drive two hours to get there, you would atleast expect some microbrewery beer, even super dry would pass.

On further investigation, mostly through my cousins who live close by, I found out the most of the food is very poor quality, and overpriced. So really, Ettamogah Cunderdin makes people drive out into woop woop to check out a world famous pub franchise, draws you in with stunning looks, then serves up a plate of s**t and pint of cat piss. SO for anyone thinking of going there… stick to your local! theres pictures of Ettamogah you can take off of the web to save yourself the time!