University taverns have a reputation for being cheap whilst maintaining good quality. They have to be, for one simple reason – university students are mostly either poor, stingy, or poor and stingy. Uni students need cheap, and they need variety. If you were to go to, for example, Curtin University Tavern you would be faced with a fine choice of tap beers – from Swan Draught to James Squire Amber Ale then further to Boutique beers from WAs famous Microbreweries – Curtin tavern supplies for all demands. And they don’t fall short on choice for food either. A list from roof to floor full of delicious pastas, pizzas, snack foods, sandwiches, salads and meats – all at a very reasonable price to!

The big difference of course, is price. The average price for a pint of Swan Draught (cheapest tap beer) is $7.50. At Curtin Tavern you can pick up a pint of of Hahn Super dry (mid-range beer) for the same price.. and for the more fancy theres Little Creatures or James Squire brews for little over $8 with Guild membership. Astonishing savings that leave you wondering why its so expensive everywhere else? Well the answer is simple. University taverns have a guaranteed audience. Thousands of uni students – statistically the biggest drinkers in societies worldwide – need a place to chill between lectures, and what better than to have a quiet, cheap drink with new classmates or old friends. The amount consumed depends on price. When you have a guaranteed crowd, lowering the prices will be sure to increase profit.

The second difference is the food. University cafes mostly provide standard quality food, able to meet the financial needs of university students, the cheaper it is, the more students will eat there.. And of course, cheaper food means cut backs. The tavern has a drawcard though. The sales on beer, and the crowd already drawn there, allow university taverns to provide better quality food, whilst maintaining a cheap price. For example; A Chicken Parmigiana is just $11.70, and pizza, bigger than fast food companies, starts from just $11. With the cheap, quality food on offer, this surely ends up drawing more students in need of a drink with their food.