Fancy taverns are becoming all the rage recently, Everyone likes a touch of class every now and then. And on top of the list in the last few years is the Breakwater Tavern (Perth, WA). The former dingy English watering hole struck gold when half of the old Mariner burned down Hillaries. The owners spend their hard earned cash from low end business to invest in a destroyed, burnt & crippled location 100 metres down the jetty in the marina. This soon became the most iconic location in one of Perths biggest Tourist & local magnets. The first thing you notice when you step into the marina is the super-sized “BREAKWATER” bolded across large glass & polished metal & varnished wooden surfaces. The impressive outer skin of the re-vamped tavern is only matched by an immaculate interior. Crystal lighting cascades from the roof, glass glistens (and vodka rotates!) behind the bar and the fancy decor is obviously cleaned with precision every night.

Taverns like the modern breakwater come with a price. All the beer is 50c to $1 more expensive than regular “ordinary Joe” pubs. However its okay, because they are served in very nice looking glasses, surrounded by decent views & a good crowd. They offer all the regulars with Hahn, James Squire & Little Creatures on tap. However they also offer some more exclusive lines including Kirin & Steinlager (they do also offer beer for the less fortunate – budweiser, tooheys, summer bright). I have been told their wine & cocktail lists are equally as diverse & impressive.

Then theres the food. To put it blunt, its disappointing, extremely disappointing. For $8 you get a plate of fries the size of a medium box at Macdonalds. And they don’t even have the decency to beer batter them, or offer your choice of dips. For such a high price you would expect a lot more right.. surely pizzas would be fulfilling? Well no; the pizzas, whilst filling a whole plate, have very minimal toppings (maybe to make you buy more?). Then theres the mains. The only meal on the main menu worth the money is the open Wagyu Sandwich at $24. even so I would only just put it inside feasability. Out of a minimal 8 choices, there is not one under $20.. for gods sake a side salad (worth a few cents, which most places give for free) costs $8! EIGHT DOLLARS for some lettuce! It’d be cheaper to use fuel to drive to a grocery store and buy your own then come back.

So whilst good, and reasonably expensive, the Breakwater tavern does not provide on the food front. Luckily there is plenty of amazing food outlets within metres such as Little Ceasers, FAB burgers, Hippo Creek, Sharkies, San Churros, Harbour Terrace etc. etc. To truly be classed as one of the best, The Breakwater seriously needs to reconsider its stingy food menu.

le fin.