Fremantle is a cultural haven in Perth, Arts & creativity thrives in its markets, indie/aternative people roam the streets, and brewers are free to explore new facets of beer production. Fremantle is home to the famous Little Creatures and Gage Roads breweries, holding 3 out of 5 of Perths top 10 beers between them, 3 of those being in Australias top 10. Fremantle is also home to more local micro breweries; Blacksalt, Sail & Anchor and The Monk breweries.

Theres no need to explain the success story of Little Creatures, it is the most successful, and most awarded micro brewery in Australia. Its Amber and Pale Ales have been in the national top 10 for 4 years straight and every single one of its beers have been in the top 50. Its popularity has made it the second biggest drawcard for Fremantle tourism today (behind the prison). At the venue, situated on the harbour across from Kailis Bros restaurant, there is a range of seating from outside long tables to cushioned booths, even sitting up in the roof! Because of its popularity ordering food can be a bit slow, I wouldnt even bother from Friday arvo to Sunday arvo. But its well worth the wait, simple meals with big taste. My favourite to date has been the fresh basil & Mozzarella pizza.

Gage roads is the other huge success story. Based in Matilda bay it only does production beer, and it does it well! Gage roads is home to Atomic Pale Ale and my personal favourite, Wahoo. Both beers have been placed in the top 10 in the last 3 years, and despite being on the more expensive side Wahoo has managed to rise up to number 7 in sales of non-mass production beer.

The Monk is different, when you look from the outside it seems like a restaurant, on the inside it seems like a very fancy restaurant. And the food is definitely restaurant quality, presentation is the key here. The beer is good to, I didn’t expect much but it provided well. I was delighted to finally find a place outside of Margaret river that brewed Kolsch! And their Kolsch was up to standards with Duckstein & Colonial to. Every beer brewed at the Monk has won a bronze medal somewhere in 2010, it will be interesting to see how they will try to improve.

Sail & Anchor was never an exciting prospect. The bottle dry dock is average. When we went there it just looked like an ordinary pub with a long list of what they are going to brew next month on the wall. I did end up getting a dry dock poured, and it was better, not great.. just better. My friends ordered different beers and had much better responses, and some of the future brews did look very mouth-watering indeed!

Next stop is Blacksalt on the beach!