The picturesque Old Swan Brewery (now called the “Old Brewery”) looks incredible from the outside, and is the most convenient brewery in WA being right in the centre of Perth, easily reachable for the majority of the state. The classic exterior looks stunning sandwiched between the Swan river and Kings Park. Once you get inside the classic architecture gives way to modern polished Jarrah and tinted glass seen in many of the most successful breweries down south and in the hills.

All this really gives you a good feel about the place, makes you feel like you’re onto a winner. Unfortunately that feeling ends with the first sip of their homebrews. One word resounds above all the rest – bitter, very bitter. Bitter on the palate, followed by a bitter aftertaste… seems like they haven’t learned any new tricks since the days that the vats created Lion Nathans signature brews. The beer was drinkable, but not worthy of a status any higher than that of mass produced cartons such as Swan, Tooheys etc.

With one set back, and after hearing such high accolades of their signature tommahawk steak we were certain the food would be better. Again, we were disappointed. I ordered the steak burger and my mate the chicken burger. Both were quite tasteless. The buns were barely cooked, and the patties of each were falling apart and had very little taste. The one saving grace was the interesting choice of sauces, especially the Guacamole on the chicken burger – this was the only thing that made the burger just stomachable. Besides this the trip to the Old brewery was a huge disappointment.

For future reference, stick to its signature dish – the tommahawk, and save the drinking for before and after, the beer just isn’t worth it at all.