Over the last two years I’ve tried exactly 250 different beers (most of them multiple times)! Out of those, 74 have been from WA alone. I have been to 31 of 41 craft breweries – 13 of them more than twice – and have tried beers from 34 of them. Here are my favourite WA brews thus far (and where they rate over all).

1. Colonial Brewery: Kolsch (3rd)

2. Nail Brewing: Nail Ale (4th)

3. Matso’s Brewery: Pearlers Pale Ale (5th)

4. Matso’s Brewery: Monsoonal Blonde (11th)

5. Feral Brewery: Hop Hog (12th) Critics choice 2012 winner.

6. Feral Brewery: Rye IPA (16th)

7. Eagle Bay Brewery: Kolsch (18th)

8. Blacksalt Brewery: Festbier (20th)

9. Feral Brewery: Golden Ace (25th)

10. Eagle Bay Brewery: Pale Ale (31st)

11. Colonial Brewery: Keutebier (32nd)

12. Little Creatures: Bright Ale (34th) Highest foreign owned Australian beer

13. Eagle Bay Brewery: American Brown Ale (41st)

14. Cowaramup Brewery: Lightsign Summer Ale (45th)

15. Gage Roads: Atomic Pale Ale (46th)

16. Cheeky Monkey: Hatseller Pilsener (47th)

17. Matso’s Brewery: Hit the Toad Lager (49th)

18. Matso’s Brewery: Smoked Porter (53rd)

19. Duckstein Brewery: Altbier (55th)

20. Mash Brewery: Freo Doctor (56th)

Other WA beers in the top 100 include:

Colonial Brewery Pale Ale (57th), Mash Brewery ‘Rye the Hell Not’ Ale (58th), Mash Brewery Golden Ale (59th), Colonial Brewery Witbier (61st), Bootleg Brewery Witbier (64th), Bush Shack Brewery Twisted Lemon Lager (67th), Gage Roads Wahoo (69th), Indian Ocean Brewery IPA (74th), Blacksalt Brewery Weiss (78th), Feral Brewery 983 Lager (83rd), Matso’s Brewery Pindan Ale (84th), Feral Brewery Rust (88th), Bootleg Brewery Pale Ale (91st), Mash Brewery West Coast Wheat (94th), Cheeky Monkey Hagenbeck Belgian IPA (95th), Matso’s Brewery Lychee Beer (100th)

And the rest…

Matso’s Brewery Chilli Beer (103rd), Elmars Ein Stein Pilsner (104th), Last Drop Brewery Oktoberfest (111th), Duckstein Brewery Pils (112th), Feral Brewery Smoked Porter (114th), Blacksalt Brewery Original Pilsener (115th), Feral Brewery Saison (117th), Duckstein Brewery Dunkel (120th), Mash Brewery Pale Ale (123rd), Little Creatures Pale Ale (129th), Ironbark Brewery (135th), OCRB Wheat Beer (136th), Bush Shack Brewery Spelt Wheat Beer (141st), Cheeky Monkey Travelling Monk Ale (142nd), Cowaramup Brewery Special Pale Ale (145th), Bootleg Brewery Tom’s Amber Ale (151st), Indian Ocean Brewery Pale Ale (157th), Blacksalt Brewery Vienna (162nd), Ironbark Brewery Aussie Pils (170th), Feral Brewery White Beer (174th), Cape Bouvard Bouvard Ale (180th), Mash Brewery Snakebite (181st), Indian Ocean Brewery White (183rd), Gage Roads Sleeping Giant IPA (185th), Cape Bouvard Pale Ale (186th), OCRB Pilsener (189th), Feral Brewery Runt (191st), Bootleg Brewery Raging Bull (197th), Matso’s Brewery Mango Beer (201st), Sail & Anchor Dry Dock (206th), Swan Draught (213th), Bush Shack Brewery Chocolate Beer (224th), The Old Brewery Pale Ale (228th), Emu Export (233rd), Sail & Anchor Draught (234th), Ironbark Brewery ‘Herb’ Beer (243rd), Swan Gold (244th), Emu Export Gold (245th)