Just another way to break down the 251 different beers I’ve had. The best two beers of each style of beer I’ve tried more than 10 of. Styles are also in order from best to worst.


Imperial Pale Ale

Mountain Goat/Mikkeller Gypsy Black Pepperberry IPA (8)

Feral Brewery Hop Hog (12)


Colonial Brewery Kolsch (3)

Eagle Bay Kolsch (18)

Pale Ale

Coopers 2012 Extra Strong Vintage Ale (1)

Pepperjack Handcrafted Ale (2)

Witbier (Wheat)

Matso’s Monsoonal Blonde (11)

Weihenstaphen Kristall Weissbier (22)

Golden Ale

Mountain Goat Goldilocks Summer Ale (10)

Kooinda Brewery Valhalla Golden Ale (21)

Golden Lager

Weihenstaphen Vitus (6)

Enterprise Brewery Knappstein Reserve Lager (24)


Cheeky Monkey Hatseller Pilsener (48)

Weihenstaphen Pilsener (53)

Pale Lager

Eschweger Klosterbrau Lager (9)

Altenmunster Brauer Bier (15)


Bush Shack Brewery Twisted Lemon Lager (68)

Matso’s Brewery Lychee Beer (98)


Arvo 34 (26)

Furstenburg Premium Lager (72)